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Polly Dryden

Brightening Superfood Face Elixir

Brightening Superfood Face Elixir

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Our Natural Face Elixir is a light face oil used to promote anti-ageing and brightening.

100% from natural origin including strawberry, melon, apricot, kiwi, rosehip and pomegranate this powerhouse of superfood oils is also kind to the planet.

We add proven actives including vitamin e for antioxidant properties, papaya enzyme for cell renewal and sequoia leaf cell extract for wrinkle reduction.

Used at night before bedtime, the skin is moisturised, brightened, nourished, soothed, firmed and smoothed overnight for a healthier and more youthful complexion in the morning.

It is scented with luxurious neroli, sweet orange, lavender and petitgrain essential oils.

It is vegan friendly, cruelty free and hand crafted in Staffordshire, England. 

30 ml

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